Create Fundraising Campaigns that Inspire Champions to Action - Workshop

Community: San Diego
Thursday, July 25, 2024
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
North Coast Calvary
1330 Poinsettia Ln
Carlsbad, CA
Seats Available: 96 of 100

Event Information

Are you ready to elevate your ministry’s fundraising efforts and engage your community in a more profound way? This transformative Q3 workshop is designed to equip you with the biblical principles, strategic insights, and hands-on practical tools needed to design and execute an effective fundraising campaign. 

Workshop highlights: 

  • Understand how to root your fundraising efforts in God’s vision for your ministry.
  • Learn the importance of transparency and authenticity in building trust with your champions.
  • Create compelling narratives and themes that resonate with your supporters.
  • Learn how to segment your audience for more targeted and effective communication.
  • Equip your champions to become advocates and amplify your ministry’s message. 

Revolutionize your fundraising approach. Take the first step towards a more impactful and sustainable ministry, inspiring your community to engage more deeply in your cause. Register today. 

Nic Gilmour
Featuring - Nic Gilmour
Area Director, MI San Diego

Having grown up in Western Australia, and now finding himself in North County San Diego, Nic Gilmour counts it a privilege to serve as the Area Director for Mission Increase San Diego. He has been a follower of Jesus since 1984, partnered with the incredible V since 1993, and dad to supa-kiddos Mo, Tino and Evey for enough time to know that fathering is better – and far more exacting – than he ever could've dreamed. He coaches (rugby & org health), mentors (people who'll far exceed him), surfs (badly but often), and eats pizza (ok, too much). To V’s dismay, he doesn't like kale. At all. Due to a misspent youth, he somehow ended up with degrees in history & literature, law, leadership and organizational dynamics, and practical theology – including a masters from Fuller and a doctorate from Gordon-Conwell. Since moving to SoCal in 2013, at North Coast Calvary (his spiritual home), Mission Increase (his vocational home), and Oceanside (his beach-home), Nic spends much of his time shepherding apostolic types – ‘those who’ll take on hell with a squirt gun.’ Through life, community and hard-lessons (typically involving God kindly giving Nic a brick to the head) he's more convinced now than ever that the only worthwhile spirituality is one with boots on, that walks.