Champion-Hosted Micro-Events - Workshop

Create intimate, powerful, cause-oriented experiences that build God-glorifying communities

Community: San Diego
Friday, April 26, 2024
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT
LaJolla Christian Fellowship
627 Genter St
La Jolla, CA
Seats Available: 91 of 100

Event Information

Healthy champion communities can be strong platforms for fundraising, acquiring new champions, and discipling God's people. It is in community that wounds are healed, victories are celebrated, outsiders become insiders, resources are provided, and needs are met. This kind of change is not limited to the communities of people we serve. Champion communities can, and should, experience this kind of transformation too!

Gather with your peers at this Mission Increase workshop to learn how micro-events can leverage existing relationships to foster communities and multiply your efforts in the causes of Christ.


  • Understand the biblical concept of community
  • Practice planning micro-events that incorporate basic principles
  • Identify champions who can host micro-events

This workshop will benefit your team, and everyone involved in designing events and coaching your champions. Register today!

Nic Gilmour
Featuring - Nic Gilmour
Area Director, MI San Diego

Having grown up in Western Australia, and now finding himself in North County San Diego, Nic Gilmour counts it a privilege to serve as the Area Director for Mission Increase San Diego. He has been a follower of Jesus since 1984, partnered with the incredible V since 1993, and dad to supa-kiddos Mo, Tino and Evey for enough time to know that fathering is better – and far more exacting – than he ever could've dreamed. He coaches (rugby & org health), mentors (people who'll far exceed him), surfs (badly but often), and eats pizza (ok, too much). To V’s dismay, he doesn't like kale. At all. Due to a misspent youth, he somehow ended up with degrees in history & literature, law, leadership and organizational dynamics, and practical theology – including a masters from Fuller and a doctorate from Gordon-Conwell. Since moving to SoCal in 2013, at North Coast Calvary (his spiritual home), Mission Increase (his vocational home), and Oceanside (his beach-home), Nic spends much of his time shepherding apostolic types – ‘those who’ll take on hell with a squirt gun.’ Through life, community and hard-lessons (typically involving God kindly giving Nic a brick to the head) he's more convinced now than ever that the only worthwhile spirituality is one with boots on, that walks.