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Communicate with Purpose, on Purpose

Is your communications strategy effective, or does it feel like a big gamble, without a clear way to understand what’s working? Are you adding value to your champions through the stories you share and the invitations you offer, or are you messaging only to fulfill an obligation? Are you confident in your communication, or do you feel stuck not knowing what to say, when and where to say it, and whom to say it to?

Communication is key to gaining and growing the people and resources needed to keep doing good work. There is a winning formula to nailing your message, streamlining your mechanics, and aligning your measurement with your impact. Start communicating with purpose, on purpose.

Participate in our third quarter learning series* to:

  • Clarify your messaging around the organization’s purpose and impact
  • Learn purposeful mechanics for communication
  • Develop an evaluation strategy to measure the effectiveness of your communication
  • Feel inspired and equipped to nurture your champions' engagement in the cause through your organization
  • Prepare for coaching exclusive to workshop attendees where you’ll create a communications calendar and accompanying execution plan

Register for this MI communications workshop and begin developing messages that will inspire champions to act. Leaders, this workshop will benefit your whole team. Register today*

*The 2022 third quarter learning series includes a self-paced early learning opportunity (link sent with workshop registration confirmation), this workshop, group or individual coaching, and webinar.  Participate in all of them to make the most of your learning.  

Host - Chris Lane
Area Director , MI South Florida, in collaboration with NCF South Florida

Date Training Area Location
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time
NCF Miami, FL Learn More